Interview mit Tekle Ula Puzauskaite

Tekle Ula Puzauskaite. Born and live in Vilnius,Lithuania,
I have bachelor diploma of textile design and art at Vilnius art academy
But now I work more with the graphic design and illustration.
And I create my art using more illustration that textile. But it have influence to my creativity. From 2017 I am member of Lithuania artists union.

Can you begin with telling me a little bit about your illustration practice? How did you begin to Illustrate?

I just draw from the childhood.I born in artists family – father and mom was painters, and moms father was – architect and mom’s mother was a graphic and watercolor artist.
But the passion started when I was in second course and we had task to draw everyday – everyday one sketch. Than I started to draw more and more. Big brake was I think when I lost my dog. My love of my life. He was everything to me. I was broken. Than I got a cat, who pass away after about 6 months. So I got 2 big lost in half a year, I was fresh baked artists with diploma, and no job. It was hard to find one. I didnt want to know what to do with life. Those losts broke me. Depression hit me hard. And I just started to draw my emotions. And than everything start to grow.

What is your main focus in Illustrations?

I want to focus on so many things. Because I love to draw everything. Depends on the mood. But I think basic is my emotions, my feelings, from the perspective of a woman life. I love to combine animals in my illustrations. Because animals for me are everything. It is life companions. I feel save and super happy with them.

When and why did you start to create Monsters?

I created more monster monsters earlier. In the beginning of my journey. They had strange bodies because ,I think, I didnt know what they are at the time. Like my imagination. Now my spirits have more animal forms..
Why I cant answer. I always created by listening to my inner voices.

What do you express through them? What do they mean to you?

After reading “running with the wolf” I creaded woman’s inner animal/inner spirit like a ghost, who reminds of the 4 eye wolf. Snake for me is a woman itself. Big tiger or big cat. Bigger than human. Is like my cats. But bigger, – companion. Guardian.
I always loved myths and mythological creatures. Maybe they also inspires me.

Does gender play a role in your Illustration?

I thinks. I create from my perspective as a woman. sometimes I create a messege who is important for both genders. But I think I create about woman and her world/life because I understand it.

How do you think Monsters are connected to Gender-questions?

I dont know. I think is more deppends of artists. What he is connected more to, and what he wants to say. I am connected more to animals. So my creatures gets animals forms.

Do you have a definition of what is monstrous? Do you need it?

I think I dont have. And i dont think I need it.  Or I just can answer to this question.

What ore who influenced your work? With whom do you talk about your work?

Reallu I dont have a lot people to talk about my art. Maybe sometimes with some people who are interested. Maybe journalists.
My work are influenced by so many things. – emotions, life, surroundings, magic, other artists art and so on.

What is your favorite monster ore piece of work? Why did you create it? (please attach)

I have two. One is more pink, with mirror. I was made it after reading “running with the wolf”

And the second is important to me from emotion side. It is about my lost, my greaf. I did this 3 years after my dog death.

do you have any particular focus or self enforced rules that you follow when you work on your creatures? What visual methods do you use to create your monsters?

What do want to achive through your work?

Inspire people. To live how they want. Inspire woman. To be a warriors not a victims. That life is hard. But it is not worth to surrend.

Do you do commission work when you create Monster?  Have they been published, and if so where? Aside that, where do you publish your Work and where (ore in what context)do your Images circulate?

Commisions is more what people want.
Maybe if looks if I sell ready made works, yeas, I sold few. From that “running with the wolfs”
I publish my works at instagram / fb / pinterest / my web page / etsy

Do you want to tell me more? Go ahead!

Now I am working at new character. Woman cat. Half woman half cat. I really like it. But I dont have time to do more fast, and publish it.
It so hard to have free time. Because I am work 8 hours 5 days a week. I want to leave and create art and illustrations. Because I have so many ideas. But I have a lot of time or power to make it. But than will be struggle about money. So there is forever dillemma 😀

Is there some other Artist, Illustrator ore Work you want me to know about that creates Monsters that talk about Gender?

This one. I think it fit perfectly for your theme.
I love her works so much !!!!

Tekle Ula Puzauskaite – Sammlung auf Omeka