Interview mit Sally Mandl

Sally Mandl, 25, Montreal, QC, Artist, John Abbott College

Midnight monster

Can you begin with telling me a little bit about your illustration practice? How did you begin to Illustrate?

I began drawing at a young age like many artists…my family has a lot of creativity in their blood so thats probably where it came from. When i started working i spent almost 6 years without picking up a pen to draw. Once i quit, I moved to the country and since i didn’t want to get another “real job” i decided to open up an Etsy shop. I think being at home and running the shop helped force me to draw on a daily basis.

What is your main focus in Illustrations?

The main focus in my illustrations are humans and animals that don’t necessarily have to look like conventional humans or animals…creatures really…and nature.

When and why did you start to create Monsters?

I’ve never really seen my drawings as monsters to be honest. They are all just me in different forms. I suppose we are all monsters in a way though.

What do you express through them? What do they mean to you?

My drawings express however i’m feeling at the time i draw them.

Does gender play a role in your Illustration? How do you think Monsters are connected to Gender-questions?

Gender is present in my illustrations but doesn’t define the person or thing I’m drawing at all. I focus more on female body parts just because i enjoy drawing them more…the flow and curvedness of breasts and legs and what not.. but my figures are always very androgynous and wether they are male or female is generally kind of blurry and irrelevant. I don’t think my “monsters” are connected to gender-questions really but who am i to say?

Do you have a definition of what is monstrous? Do you need it?

I believe a monster to be everything that is human. 

What or who influenced your work? With whom do you talk about your work?

I always find this type of question hard to answer. My influence is everywhere and can’t really be narrowed down to a few specific things. Human-nature…mother nature…the nature of life and how strange it is to be alive. I don’t usually talk about my work. Im not great with words.

What is your favourite monster ore piece of work? Why did you create it? (please attach)

I don’t do favourites ! But i’ll attach my most recent work.

Do you have any particular focus or self enforced rules that you follow when you work on your creatures? What visual methods do you use to create your monsters?

My rule is i need a cup of coffee, some music, paper and a pen.

What do want to achieve through your work?

Nothing in particular. Just love to draw and hopefully i can share my work with people who enjoy it and possibly make some kind of a living off it.

Do you do commission work when you create Monster?  Have they been published, and if so where? Aside that, where do you publish your Work and where (or in what context) do your Images circulate?

I do commission work. I publish all my art on my Instagram (@bad.taxidermy) and Etsy (BadTaxidermyPrints).

Sally Mandl entschuldigte sich noch bei mir dafür, dass die Antworten wohl nicht hilfreich seien. Ich habe ihr daraufhin folgendes geantwortet: For me it is for example very interesting to know that you don’t think of your creatures as monsters. Yet you create figures that don’t have to look like conventional humans or animals, wich is a quality of many monsters after all. The very meaning of a monster is, that it has no category on it’s own, it defeats our need for clear categories und thus is a great tool to think about the Human.

Sally Mandl – Sammlung auf Omeka